On January 19, 2012 I had  a routine mammogram.  The following week I went back for a breast compression of my right breast which confirmed an abnormal clustering of microcalcifications. As a result I had a core biopsy on February 9th.  The biopsy showed that I had invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) which is when breast cancer has formed in the milk duct and breaks through invading the nearby tissue.  My cancer was stage 1 (early stage), HER 2 + , and slightly ER+ (estrogen receptive), and considered aggressive.  I saw a breast surgeon on February 23 and then went for a second opinion on March 1st. On March 27th I had a lumpectomy removing the cancer and had 6 lymph nodes removed (negative).   After healing from the surgery I began chemotherapy on May 3 and had my last treatment on August 16th.  I started radiation treatments on September 11th and ended October 25th.  I am still receiving herceptin infusions every three weeks for one year.  I work full-time, am married, and have four children, three of which are still living at home.  I hope to offer encouragement to others, with and without cancer, through blogging.

Please visit my other blog New Wine for New Wineskins here at WordPress for some devotional thoughts.

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