Good News !

Who doesn’t like to get good news?  As I wrote last week, I had my first diagnostic mammogram since all this started one year ago.   I received my letter in the mail stating that the results were NORMAL!!!  I expected that result as they did not take any additional pictures after a radiologist looked at them while I was still there. It was still good, however, to actually see the results in writing.  I give all thanks and glory to God for the good report.


The rose I received after my mammogram.
Photo credits: Joshua Siniscal

There’s something about the written word.  Obviously since I blog I like to write.  I’m old fashioned and I like the feel of a real book versus an e-reader, being able to FEEL the written word as well as to see it.  Think about how much more important and final any kind of deal or contract is once it is in writing.  Two parties can verbally agree on anything…a purchase price for a product, a job offer/contract, an estimate for services, an exchange of goods, etc. but once it’s in writing it makes it more official or real.  Maybe what’s appealing is that it can’t be revoked or taken back.  It stands until another contract is written up.

The written word of God is such a powerful thing.  It’s amazing to think that the Word always was as we see in John 1:1. “In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself.” (Amp)  There’s no denying the reality and truth of something in writing.  John 17:17 shows us that His Word is truth, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” (NRSV)

I like to think that because I have this valid report that cancer can’t come back and change its mind.  Unfortunately that’s not the case and it could rear its ugly head again one day.  I already have an MRI scheduled next month.  I am not going to dwell on that but will instead revel in the fact that TODAY I have the victory and will shove my letter in cancer’s face and remind it that my mammogram was normal.  YES!


My good news!

I shared my good news on Facebook with my friends and so many “liked” it or commented.  They truly rejoiced with me because they have been through the journey with me  whether in body or  in spirit.  Romans 12:15 says, “Share the happiness of those who are happy, the sorrow of those who are sad.” (Phillips).  I have seen this over the past year as friends have been there through the hard times and can now rejoice with me.  This is an answer to many of their prayers.

Although this is the best news I could hear right now, the grammy winner for all time good news has to go to the gospel.  Did you know that the word “gospel” is from the Old English “god-spell” meaning “good news” or “glad tidings?”  From Greek it is translated as “good message.”  The gospels are the first four books in the New Testament that tell of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and his teachings.  I can’t think of any better news than that.


11 thoughts on “Good News !

  1. Thank God! Prayers(and tears) are not wasted. God hears us. Normal is the best word to see and hear when we are waiting. This is so good. I am relieved for you and I pray that every test you ever take comes back with that word: Normal. Annie

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